Multiplication- Faster Way to Add

taught by Kevin and Angela Patton

Course description

Your child will gain confidence in their mathematical skills.

Look at everything that they will receive and MORE in this course:

  • Learn a new multiplication table.
  • Gain confidence in their multiplication skills.
  • Learn how to divide quickly.
  • Gain confidence in factors
  • Learn Greatest Common Factors
  • Learn how to divide efficiently
  • Your child will enjoy learning these math concepts.

Prerequisite: students must know how to add/subtract with regrouping.

Kevin and Angela  Patton
Kevin and Angela Patton

Future Leaders Learning was started by Kevin and Angela Patton. The intent of this program was to create an innovative and exciting approach to educate children. The founders of Future Leaders started their musical approach in 2007 with their own children and began to branch out to provide educational services to those closest to them. Currently, they work with children at their private School, Future Leaders Learning in a Northwest Suburb in Minnesota.